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Nationals' Starter Gio Gonzalez Is Happy, Dancing To Pharrell

There's a surprise cameo at around the 2:00 minute mark in the following video as a certain Washington Nationals' lefty turns up dancing to Pharrell's contagious and uplifting single, "Happy." That looks a 20-game winner dancing in that gym...not that wins like matter at all as a stat...

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

I know, this is so three hours ago, but anyway. Gio Gonzalez has plenty of reasons to be happy. He got to spend the winter throwing bullpen sessions with retired Yankees' catcher Jorge Posada, one of Gonzalez's childhood idols. He just made his first Grapefruit League start of 2014. The Washington Nationals' lefty is also happy with the moves the Nats made this offseason, especially the trade for starter Doug Fister, a 6'8'' right-hander whose addition to the rotation, Gonzalez said was like, "... knowing that you just got the brand new car you wanted for Christmas." In fact, Gio's so happy that he shows up dancing in a video produced by Body and Soul Miami that's set to Pharrel's ridiculously catch single, "Happy."

Gio tweeted out a link to the video this morning:

In the best "Happy" cameo since Tyler the Creator turned up in the original video for the song, Gonzalez shows up around the 2:00 minute mark, clapping along as instructed to the chorus...

Check out a bigger version of it below:

Nobody puts Gio in a corner.

If nothing else it's a good reason to listen to the song again....