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Nationals' Manager Matt Williams random pregame quotes, bullpen availability

Washington Nationals' manager Matt Williams talked before today's game about which relievers are available today after a long outing last night and who he'll turn to if he needs relief help in Stephen Strasburg's start against the Marlins.

Greg Fiume

One noticeable change in the Washington Nationals' lineup today was the presence of Nate McLouth atop the order instead of Denard Span.

"Just a day [off]," Nats skipper Matt Williams told reporters before today's series finale with the Miami Marlins. "We've got a stretch of games here that... no off day. So, just a day. Certainly have to get Nate [McLouth] in there and get him some ABs too, so, no issues though. He's good."

• Here's the Nationals' lineup vs the Marlins and RHP Tim Koehler:

Here are some other unused/leftover quotes from the Nationals' Manager from before this afternoon's game...

"Got challenged right away. But, no ill effects. He reported today that he felt good." - Matt Williams on Ryan Zimmerman and Zim's shoulder

On Ryan Zimmerman's first test of his shoulder yesterday: "I thought he was good. Got challenged right away. But, no ill effects. He reported today that he felt good. We went through another session today out there and he's got no issues which is good. So hopefully the little adjustment will take some pressure off the shoulder."

On Zimmerman making at least one overhand throw on a tough play down the third base line: "Pace of game, runner, all of that stuff will dictate what he wants to do. We're working on the routine. And it's a function of his work, so going out and taking ground balls, doing all the things that he does every day. We just don't want to inflame it again. So we changed a little bit of an angle. It's not that big of a change, but it just takes a little pressure off so he can go ahead and get his work done and do all the things he want to do without having any pain. And then instinct will take over in a game."

"If we have to, we have the ability to go to Tanner [Roark]. If we have to. We hope that that's not the case, but if we do, he would be available potentially." - Matt Williams on using Tanner Roark today, if necessary

Bullpen after Jordan Zimmermann's 1 2/3 IP yesterday: "If we have to, we have the ability to go to Tanner [Roark]. If we have to. We hope that that's not the case, but if we do, he would be available potentially for us, long, if it gets to that, but the best laid plans are that that doesn't happen."

- "I think [Rafael Soriano] is good. The back end of the bullpen is good. They're taxed, but they're good. But if it gets to a situation like we had yesterday, then our long guy today, we would look to Tanner potentially."

- "[Craig] Stammen is probably unavailable. Det, he can go."

- "[Ross Detwiler] will go out and throw, we'll evaluate, but he's available today. We would like to stay away from him if we could, but you don't know what's going to happen during the course of a game, so we'll evaluate that at the time, but in a perfect world, I wouldn't want to get him in a game today, but you never know. Blevins is good, so that's another option for us [from] the left side."

On comeback wins like last night's: "If you take last night for an example, the reason that we came back in that game, was, one, we have the ability to go long in the bullpen and stay in it with guys that have done it before and can hold that other team. Beyond that, it's hard to come back when you're hitting home runs to come back. But once you can get guys on base and we had a couple of guys last night on third base for us that allowed us to score those easier runs to allow us to get back into the game.

"And then, some speed and some smarts and Denard laying down a bunt last night in a situation where we get multiple guys on base to set up an inning. That type of stuff allows you to come back. Sometimes, however, you just have to slug your way back into it too. It all depends on the game and the situation, but to have all those qualities, I think, is a plus, if you get behind, you have the ability to come back."

• Game Time: 4:05 pm EDT. Start no.3 of 2014 for Stephen Strasburg.

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