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Game 11 WPA: Nightmare. Nats 3, RFB 6

Boo this game. Boo this series.

Aw, Zim.
Aw, Zim.
Mike Zarrilli


Via Fangraphs

  • Trouble with location: Taylor Jordan (-35.1% pitching) gives up 10 hits and 2 walks for 5 ER over 5 IP with 5Ks.
  • And then came the LOB: Anthony Rendon (+9.4%) belts a leadoff homer to put the Nats ahead for half an inning (+11.0%).
  • Bad times: Bryce Harper () gets caught stealing 3rd after Taylor Jordan (-12.3% hitting) misses a bunt to strike out, ending a two-on, one-out rally in the 4th (-8.2%). Ryan Zimmerman (-0.5%) is "picked off" 2nd to help snuff a 2nd/3rd, one-out rally in the 5th (-10.4%) and gets hurt on the play, leaving the game.
  • [Rizzo points to head]: Last-minute signing Kevin Frandsen (+10.0%) is 2-3 with a walk.
  • Écrasez l'infame: Adam LaRoche (-10.1%) is 0-5 with 4 Ks and 5 LOB. Sandy Leon (-8.0%) has a RBI, but 6 LOB.

I don't know, guys, a game like tonight and I wonder if there's some kind of barricade of black magic set up in front of the Nats. Like there's flames all around us. In a circular configuration, perhaps.