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Game 2 WPA: "He kept runnin'. It was pretty funny." Nats 5, Mets 1

Gio has a nice day on both sides of the plate, teh Mongoose RAWKS and suddenly Werth is 5-10 on the season so far. You can't pay any attention to these Spring Training stats, though.

He swung hard, and he hit it!
He swung hard, and he hit it!


Via Fangraphs

  • We prefer the Real Baseball: Gio Gonzalez (+17.5% pitching, +8.6% hitting) pitches 6 strong innings, giving up 1 ER with 6 Ks and only 1 BB. He also hits a solo bomb off the fence in front of the Party City Party Deck™ (+12.8%)./li>
  • If Gio can do it...: Okay, Ian Desmond (+13.3%) smacked his solo shot well over the original fences in LF a couple of batters before Gio to give the Nats the lead in the 5th (+16.3%).
  • The hits will come (I hope): Bryce Harper (-8.0%) lags the field by with an 0-4 game, but WPA doesn't give him any credit for throwing out a runner at home to save a run.
  • Feer teh beerdz: Jayson Werth (+6.8%) doesn't impress the WPA gods by going 4-5 with a double, but Adam LaRoche (+7.3%) has a bit more impact with his game-tying RBI double in the 4th (+14.4%). Anthony Rendon (+1.3%) is 2-5 with a double and an RBI and barely moves the needle.