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Game 20 WPA: Disappointing. Nats 2, LAAAT&SF 4

The Nats lose to an old nemesis after doing everything possible not to win. Tanner Roark battles offensive indifference (free runs? no thanks) and a ridiculously bad/biased strike zone, but a bad bullpen performance assisted by poor defense ultimately doom the Nats.

No decision.
No decision.
Rob Carr


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

What do these graphs mean (this is a link)?

  • Pretty good: Tanner Roark (+39.7%) goes 6 2/3 scoreless, dancing in and out of trouble with 7 hits, 2 walks, and 5 Ks on the night.
  • Offensive powerhouse: Jayson Werth (+11.0%) is 0-1 with a pair of walks and a bases-loading HBP in the fourth (+8.6%).
  • This should not count as a "rally": The Nats get one run out of bases-loaded, no outs in the 4th, with an Adam LaRoche (-1.5%) groundout for one run (+0.7%). No hits were involved, only BB, HBP and FC.
  • Not good at all: Tyler Clippard (-69.9%) melts down again in the aeyth, giving up four runs (on 3 hits and a walk) to put the Nats way behind late.
  • Also unhelpful: Anthony Rendon (-15.1%) is 0-4 with 4 LOB, including an FC with the out at home (-7.0%).
  • Junk-timer: Ian Desmond (-2.1%) doesn't spark enough of a 9th-inning rally with his leadoff solo bomb into the Red Porch (+4.5%).

Corrupt or drunk? You make the call!

Jordan Baker is terrible at umpiring. I can't say for certain that he was bribed by/betting on the other team, since he may have been high on drugs or calling balls/strikes with his eyes closed, I can only report the pitch f/x plots. Again, red are called strikes, green are called balls, squares are pitches by the Nats, triangles are the other guys.





Check out the outside edge to righties. There are at least four pitches called balls against the Nats that were farther inside the strike zone than pitches that were called strikes for the other guys. You can even see a spot with a red triangle right on top of a green square! The real fun is to take another look at the pitching to lefties to see how pitch f/x tracked the wildness to Span and Harper in the 4th.  That's H-Rod-esque!  Pretty terrible and inconsistent zone, though... some outrageous calls for both teams. Robot umpires now!