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Game 23 WPA: No #STEAK, LOBster... DC 3, SD 4

What a mess. Is a runner on second some kind of jinx? The Nats finally won a challenge, so moral victory, amirite?

"I cast magic missile!" (Not an actual quote)
"I cast magic missile!" (Not an actual quote)
Patrick Smith


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

What do these graphs mean (this is a link)?

  • Who knows: Jordan Zimmermann (-13.0%) fans 5 and walks 1 over 6 IP, but gives up an almost-insurmountable 3 ER.
  • Hero/goat: Danny Espinosa (+14.5%) hits a 6th-inning solo shot to get the Nats within one (+13.5%), but flies out to strand the bases loaded and send the game to extras in the 9th (-15.3%).
  • Hero/goat: Adam LaRoche (+5.7%) cranks a game-tying, 7th-inning solo blast (+25.2%), but he still has 4 LOB.
  • Goaty goats: Anthony Rendon (-27.7%) is 0-5 with 5 LOB. Ian Desmond (-16.4%) is 0-5 with a walk and 4 LOB. Tyler Moore (-15.9%) struck out with the winning tying RISP in the 12th.
  • Heros? Rafael Soriano (+12.8%) and Tyler Clippard (+10.1%) each throw a scoreless inning of relief to keep the game tied and earn shutdowns.
  • Hero/goat: Craig Stammen (-6.1%) barely gets a meltdown for giving up the go-behind run (after a bad throw on a SB put it on 3rd) in his 3rd inning in extras after 2 scoreless with 3 Ks.
  • Hero/goat: Bryce Harper (+24.4%) is the only batter with no LOB, doubling to lead off the 12th (+24.3%), although I'm of a mind to give him a TOOTBLAN.
  • Hero/goat: Jose Lobaton (-19.9%) doubles to lead off the 10th (+17.5%) and hits into a game-ending LDP in the 12th (-26.7%).