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Game 27 WPA: Another ALR slow April. Nats 4, NASA 3

LaRoche shows the awesome power of his beard to quiet the haters.

When is he going to heat up?
When is he going to heat up?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

What do these graphs mean (this is a link)?

  • Moar striekz plz: Gio Gonzalez (-4.8%) strikes out 9 and walks 2 over 6 IP, but goes to a lot of long counts and gives up 3 ER.
  • aaarrrooooOOOOO!! Jayson Werth (+13.9%) gets the Nats on the board with a first-inning solo shot (+10.0%) and singles to start an aeyth inning rally (+8.3).
  • Horns, Buffalo: Jose Lobaton (-10.4%) doubles in a run in the third to increase the lead (+11.4%).
  • Beard follows beard: Adam LaRoche (+40.7%) doubles off the wall for a game-tying RBI in the aeyth (+29.1%), helped by some good baserunning from Werth.
  • Horns, Goat: Lobatron 2084 loses calibration on his ocular sensors, striking out looking with bases loaded to snuff the aeyth inning rally (-14.2%).
  • Vintage: Tyler Clippard (+10.8%) walks one but strikes out two to keep it tied in the ayeth and earn a shutdown.
  • Beard, beard, beard: Denard Span (+10.7%) walks to lead off the ninth (+8.1%) and steals second (+8.9%). After Werth works a walk behind him, ALR hits the go-ahead RBI single (+20.3%).
  • Interesting: Rafael Soriano (+20.3%) gets two outs in the 9th, issues a walk... issues ANOTHER walk...then finally gets the third out for the shutdown.