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Game 28 WPA: Local boy makes good. Nats 7, HOU 0

Anthony Rendon "has himself a night," as they say, hitting the ball all over the field, making some sparkling defensive plays, and generally sending his many friends and relatives in the crowd home happy.

He's a pretty good hitter.
He's a pretty good hitter.
Thomas B. Shea


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Quality: Jordan Zimmermann (+20.9%) goes 6.1 scoreless inning with 7 Ks and a walk.
  • Little league style: Denard Span (+10.9%) hits one into the gap and it gets juggled, allowing him to score from home to put the Nats ahead in the third (+11.3%).
  • Quick for a catcher: Sandy Leon (+11.7%) is 1-2 with a pair of walks and run-scoring single+circus in the 4th (+10.6%) that put the Nats up by two.
  • Good show for family and friends: Anthony Rendon (+22.8%) is 4-5 with a 2-RBI double in the 4th (+14.1%) plus another double and a junk-time dinger.

Bonus graph! Is Paul Schrieber blind?

That would be my guess. It's possible he's just hopped up on goofballs.  I'll just let this strikezone map speak for itself:



I know, I'm grousing after a win. Still, it's pretty heinous.