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Game 4 WPA: Stuck. Nats 1, RFB 2

Well, they can't always play against the Mets bullpen, but we can certainly try not to be thrown out on the basepaths quite so embarrassingly.

Man, think how WE felt!
Man, think how WE felt!
Rob Carr


Via Fangraphs

  • Flu: Jordan Zimmermann (+10.3%) gives up a solo HR (-15.1%), but goes 5 IP with 9(nine!) Ks and single walk.  Support your local Zimm(N), Nats!
  • Making me ill: Ian Desmond (-14.0%) gets caught stealing (-13.0%) after a leadoff "double" (+9.6%) that looked alot like it should have been an ITPHR.
  • Good beards: Anthony Rendon (+18.5%) is 2-4 with an ayeth-inning leadoff single (+9.9%). Jayson Werth (+17.9%) is 1-2, with a pair of walks, one of which put two runners on with no outs in the aeyth (+14.2%).
  • Bad beards: Adam LaRoche (-16.9%) is 0-3 with a walk and 3 LOB. Bryce Harper (-21.5%) is 1-4 with a CS and 4 LOB.
  • Rising up: Craig Stammen (+13.4%) throws 2 scoreless in relief for a shutdown.
  • Roughed up: Tyler Clippard (-21.6%) walks 1, fans 2, but gives up the go-behind run in the aeyth.

The strike zone looked a bit off to me, but I was watching from the upper deck on the 3B line, so it's not like I had a great angle.  A quick look at the Pitch F/X showed a reasonable zone that seemed to be called evenly for both sides. You have to take these setbacks philosophically (be patient, there's 25 seconds of silence at the beginning and I can't figure out how to embed it to start in the middle):