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Game 5 WPA: Needs more beer. Nats 2, RFB 6

Me, not the game. Because that was a sobering outing. A Zim throw goes awry, Stras gets lit up, and the Nats strand many runners. Not much to like. Also, a TOOTBLAN.

He may not drink, but this game sure drove me to.
He may not drink, but this game sure drove me to.
Mitchell Layton

Zim left game with shoulder soreness. Because this night couldn't get any better!


Via Fangraphs

  • Not so great: Stephen Strasburg (-43.5%) only makes it through 4.1 IP with 6 Ks and 3 BBs, giving up 3 ER (6 R, 2 of which scored after RZim's throwing error).
  • Our modicum of hope: Adam LaRoche (+29.3%) is 1-2 with a pair of walks and a first-inning, two-run moon shot into the third deck in RF (+18.8%).
  • Least valuable player: Bryce Harper (-15.3%) is 0-4, although his WPA gets unfairly dinged for Jose Lobatan getting thrown out at home trying to tag on a shallow fly to CF (-8.8%).

Hey, kids, remember Jim Joyce? Is he a bum?

Oh, my, yes. Check out tonight's strike zone maps:





Nats don't get the outside corner to RHH, but ATL gets the inside corner, and what's going on with the outside corner to LHH?  Pick a strike zone, Jim, and use the same one for both teams.

What captures my pain tonight? I was hoping not to have to bust this out so soon, but you forced my hand, Nats.  TOOTBLAN!!!