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Game 6 WPA: Well, that was close. Nats 2, RFB 1

Wow, what a nail-biter! Jordan danced in and out of jams, both infields battled some tough plays, but Desmond hit the ball HARD, and Sori almost gave us all heart attacks.

You good today, kid.
You good today, kid.
Mitchell Layton


Via Fangraphs

  • Best of the series so far: Taylor Jordan (+13.8%) goes 6.1 IP, with 3 Ks and 2 BBs, working himself out of some big jams and only giving up 1 ER.
  • Offensive explosion: Jayson Werth (+5.9%) hits a two-on single in the first and a run scores on an error, giving the Nats a temporary lead (+9.1%).
  • Shutdown: Jerry Blevins (+17.4%) earns a bunch more WPA as Jordan by getting the last two outs in the 7th (keeping it tied despite entering the game with a RISP) and the first out of the aeyth against some tough lefties with a righty in between.
  • BOOOOM! Ian Desmond (+17.9%) cranks a monster, go-ahead solo shot into the LF seats on the first pitch of 7th (+21.6%), landing about 4-5 rows down from the concourse.
  • Better: Tyler Clippard (+6.2%) finally notches a shutdown, getting the last two outs in the aeyth to hold the lead for the Nats.
  • DRAMA: Rafael Soriano (+15.1%) gets two outs in the 9th then allows two baserunners and runs the count full, before FINALLY getting a K for the third out, earning a shutdown and a save.

Now is the time on FBb where we dance! (Honestly, I think this is what the Snoopy Dance would look like if you could slow down the animation enough.)