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Game 38 WPA: I missed the comeback! Nats 6, AZ 5

Stupid west coast games! Why can't you wrap 'em up early, Nats? Remember kids, "clutch" does not exist.

This does not prove that clutch exists.
This does not prove that clutch exists.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Keep the ball down: Jordan Zimmermann (-44.2%) has some trouble with pitches up in the zone over 5.2 IP, striking out 4 and walking none, but giving up 10 hits and 5 ER.
  • Wheels at the top: Denard Span (+14.7%) is 3-5 on the night, with a double and a leadoff triple in the first (+9.1%) to set up the Nats' first go-ahead run.
  • Country strong: Tyler Moore (-0.9%) cranks a two-out solo shot to left to put the Nats up by two in second (+10.6%).
  • Mongoose powarrrr: Ian Desmond (+13.4%) lines a two-strike shot out to left for a two-run, go-ahead blast in the 4th (+21.7%).
  • 2012 style? Danny Espinosa (+27.4%) lines a game-tying homer out to right to lead off the 9th (+34.6%).
  • Remember, "clutch" does not exist: Kevin Frandsen (+41.9%) hits a two-out, pinch-hit, mile-high solo bomb out to LF for the go-ahead run.
  • I was never worried: Rafael Soriano (+18.3%) holds the one-run lead for a shutdown in the 9th, giving up a single then getting a GDP (+27.7%), then giving up a double before getting the game-ending groundout (+13.7%).

I'm glad we're back in the NL, playing the real baseball.

Before you ask: no, I can't do the dance.