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Game 41 WPA: The Triumphant Debut of Greg Dobbs. Nats 5, Mets 2

Dobbs had a PH single and a TOOTBLAN, although I think that was totally on Bob Henley.

He's here! At last!!
He's here! At last!!
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • The legend (sorta) continues: Tanner Roark (+9.7%) gives up 2 ER over 5 IP with 4 Ks and 2 BBs. But it's enough.
  • Having value commensurate with cost: Jayson Werth (+11.5%) is 2-4 with a first-inning RBI single to put the Nats ahead (+13.4%) and leave runers 2nd/3rd to set up a couple more runs.
  • But not so great in the field: Scott Hairston (+9.5%) is 2-3 with a two-out, RBI double in the third to put the Nats up by 4 (+6.1%).

So, that guy who ran out on the field and got totally clobbered by security when he tried to surrender was kind of random. As is this: