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Game 33 WPA: Half a thriller. Nats 3, LA 8

Well, the kid kept it together for 5 innings, then the wheels came off. Then Ross came in and made it worse. Also, sequencing (or lack thereof).

On the bright side, he also had 6 LOB!
On the bright side, he also had 6 LOB!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • It's your initiation: Blake Treinen (-6.7%) gets through 5 scoreless with a pair of Ks before bloops and errors end up costing 3 runs in the 6th (all unearned).
  • Not meltdowns: Craig Stammen (-5.6%) comes in after Treinen to cash in two of his runners (again, unearned) and one of his own in the 7th--again, unearned. Ross Detwiler (-2.8%) flat out stinks up the joint, giving up 4 ER in his inning of relief on a pair of homers.
  • Mighty beard: Jayson Werth (+10.8%) is 4-5.
  • Spotty beard: Anthony Rendon (+0.2%) is 3-5 but gets picked off in the 6th to suppress a budding rally (-6.6%).
  • Might as well be clean shaven: Ian Desmond (-12.6%) and Denard Span (-10.1%) combine to go 0-8 with a walk and 10 LOB.