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Game 55 WPA: Stopped at series win. Nats 0, TEX 2

Roark pitched what should have been a gem, and the Nats even won two appeals at the same time. Too bad about the hitting.

You have failed Roark, Nats.
You have failed Roark, Nats.
Greg Fiume


Via Fangraphs (click to emibggen)

  • What's a guy have to do? Tanner Roark (+18.3%) gives up 1 ER in 7 IP, using 4 Ks to work around 7 hits and 2 BBs. Not enough.
  • Sparkplug: Denard Span (+3.7%) is 2-4 with a double and a SB.
  • The big WPA: Adam LaRoche (+7.4%) singles to put runners corners with one out in the 6th in a scoreless tie (+10.4%).
  • The big WPA (negative): Wilson Ramos (-16.4%) fans right after ALR puts runners 1st/3rd (-10.4%). Ian Desmond (-15.7%) is 0-4 with 3 LOB. Anthony Rendon (-11.5%) is 0-4 with 2 LOB.
  • Meltdown: Drew Storen (-11.4%) gives up a run in the aeyth, putting the game well out of reach.

Tonight's WPA post brought to you by the Reality Mackeral (left) and the Nats fan (right):