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Nationals vs Giants gif-travaganza: Top images from AT&T Park last night

You may have noticed bsheridan in the GameThreads here at FBB recently, we've begged him to come on board and add another dimension to the in-game coverage of the Washington Nationals. If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen his work already...

Ezra Shaw

[ed. note - "Before we move on to this afternoon's series finale with the San Francisco Giants in AT&T Park, FBB's in-house gif producer bsheridan, aka @md_dc on Twitter, was able to capture some fantastic images during last night's game, so we thought we'd collect them all in one place for a quick look back at the Washington Nationals' 6-2 win."]

We start with Jayson Werth's 5th inning blast:

Then there was this classic clip of Tyler Clippard getting into the spirit of the Rat Pack thing the Giants were doing in AT&T Park last night:

And who can forget Ryan Zimmerman's diving catch in left field (watch that right arm, Zim):

It might not survive the return of Harper, but for now, enjoy Despinosa:

Werth frightens me. This pic doesn't move, but it looks like he could strike at any moment:

Adam LaRoche winning the bat toss competition:

Then things got weird, or as Bob Carpenter said on MASN, "I feel like a baby in a crib looking up at a mobile up above my head in this place... ":

For a little additional fun, here are the two Vines we sent out via FBB's official account, bsheridan is not to blame for the awful, blurry camera work:

Tyler Clippard's new once-an-inning tradition:

And another angle of Ryan Zimmerman's diving (who's moving to third?) catch in left field last night:

Please encourage bsheridan to continue contributing in the comments section, because I personally want to see more...