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Game 75 WPA: The Shoestring Ejection. Nats 3, MIL 0

Williams gets himself tossed, Gio struggles but allows no runs, and ALR provides the requisite offense. Also, BULLPEN DOMINATION!!

Mike McGinnis


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Shaky: Gio Gonzalez (+29.8%) somehow gets through 6 scoreless with 5 Ks and 4 walks, getting in and out of some big jams.
  • Graceful, effortless: Adam LaRoche (+25.0%) cranks a three-run dinger to dead center for all the Nats' runs tonight (+21.5%).
  • Now hitting: Jayson Werth (+7.6%) is 3-4 and Ian Desmond (+7.2%) is 2-4.
  • Spurned by WPA: Neither Aaron Barrett (+5.2%), Drew Storen (+4.8%), nor Tyler Clippard (+3.9%) have enough WPA left to qualify for a shutdown, despite combining for 3 perfect innings with 5 Ks.

Today's WPA brought to you by ejections: