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Nationals vs Brewers: Monday night Nats GIFs from Milwaukee

You may have noticed bsheridan in the GameThreads here at FBB recently. We've begged him to come on board and add another dimension to the in-game coverage of the Washington Nationals. If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen his work already...

Mike McGinnis

[ed. note - "Before we move on to the second game of three with the Milwaukee Brewers in Miller Park, FBB's talented in-house gif producer bsheridan, aka @md_dc on Twitter, was able to capture the following images during last night's game, so we thought we'd collect them all in one place for a quick seconds at a time look back at the Washington Nationals' 3-0 win."]

It all started with bsheridan's attempt, (which may or may not be accurate), to read lips during Matt Williams' conversation with home plate umpire Mark Wegner:

LaRoche went yard! I hope it clears the yellow line! That's 400ft plus:

• That's 421ft apparently:

• No one told Brewers' shortstop Jean Segura that there wasn't much slide to the infield dirt:

• This is a "contemplative" walk by Bernie Brewer, it's okay, the Nationals will be gone on Wednesday:

Strong throw, but late tag:

• ALWHMTS (Adam LaRoche Would Have Made The Stretch):

• Ladies and Gentlemen, Despinosa:

• "Espi catches a ball with his birthday glove" (ed. note - "I think 'birthday glove' is the funniest thing I heard last night.'):

• We occasionally capture images on Vine too, like this one catching Carlos Gomez swinging out from under his helmet on a Clippard changeup, bsheridan is not to blame for the camera work or the nursery-rhyme reference-y thing: