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Game 76 WPA: How about now? Nats 4, MIL 2

A lot happened in this game. I'm going to give all the credit to Matt Williams. He pulled a lot of levers tonight, and they pretty much all worked. Too bad there's no manager WPA.

So much happened. We'll just stick with Mr. Walkoff.
So much happened. We'll just stick with Mr. Walkoff.
Mike McGinnis


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)(No, I couldn't wait for FG to update and show the last out--I'M TIRED.)

  • Started too fast: Jordan Zimmermann (+1.2%) has three dominant innings and three less so, giving up 2 ER with 9 Ks and 2 walks.
  • Useless (at the plate): Jose Lobaton (-25.1%) and Danny Espinosa (-29.9%) are 0-13 with 4 Ks and 5 LOB.
  • All-star buzz: Anthony Rendon (+25.7%) is 3-7 with a game-tying, aeyth-inning solo shot that just floated over the wall in right center (+26.1%).
  • Keeping it close: Aaron Barrett (+10.4%) earns a shutdown with a scoreless aeyth, while Craig Stammen (+13.3%) gets one with a scoreless ninth.
  • Only a bit helpful: Jayson Werth (-28.2%) is 0-7 with 3 LOB and a first-inning RBI groundout (-0.9%). Okay, and a nice catch to end the 14th.
  • Rather useful: Ross Detwiler (+53.4%) gets a big shutdown, pitching four (4!) scoreless innings in extras with 2 Ks and 1 walk (intentional).
  • Still rolling: Drew Storen (+13.3%) and Tyler Clippard (+13.3%) gets their shutdowns with a scoreless 14th and 15th innings, Clipp's with a bit more drama.
  • All of a sudden: Ryan Zimmerman (+37.5%) recovers his flair for the dramatic, cranking a go-ahead, two-run dinger out to left center in the 16th (sixteenth!) inning (+42.1%) to cap his 3-7 night. He has a nice diving catch in the gap in the bottom of the 16th.
  • Last man standing: Rafael Soriano (+8.7%) gets the final shutdown of the night just as the bullpen goes empty.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by primitive Midwestern choreography (surf's up, Larry!):