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Game 79 WPA: Ecce homo, ergo elk. Nats 2, Cubs 7

Regression is mean to Roark, and Blevins doesn't have such a good day, either. Also, where my bats at, Nats?

Elk is tasting eating. Just sayin'.
Elk is tasting eating. Just sayin'.
Jonathan Daniel


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • The legend is dead, so print it: Tanner Roark (-23.2%) gives up 4 ER over 6 IP on 2 Ks and a walk.
  • Early false hope: Ryan Zimmerman (+9.6%) hits an RBI double in the 2nd for the early lead (+15.8%).
  • Later false hope: Adam LaRoche (+15.0%) is 2-4 with a game-tying solo shot to lead off the 4th (+12.9%).
  • Failing faily fail: Ian Desmond (-16.9%) is 0-3 with 2 LOB and a GDP.
  • FAIL: Jerry Blevins (-9.4%) only gets 2 outs in the 7th before coughing up 3 ER.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by clever people, like me, who speak loudly in restaurants: