If the NLDS was starting tomorrow, what is your rotation?

Your Current Rotation:

Stephen Strasburg (7-8)

Gio Gonzalez (6-6)

Jordan Zimmermann (6-5)

Doug Fister (10-2)

Tanner Roark (10-6)

Right now it seems as though Tanner Roark and Doug Fister has been the most consistent pitchers this year. They have been great and have rarely had bad outings, stacking quality start after quality start, but to defend Zimmermann and Gonzalez, they have been hampered by injuries and have in some ways impacted their performances this year. To be honest they have definitely proven that they can get it done and be effective this year when they were healthy. The wildcard is of course Strasburg. Right now, he is clearly the most inconsistent pitcher on the staff. His 3.67 ERA (which really isn't that bad at all), is the worst on the staff along with his 7-8 record. As great ability as Strasburg has, he has left me with an uneasy feeling everytime he starts. I just don't have the confidence that if things start off bad that he will pick it up and be able to keep this team in games. I am really unsure I can trust him to pick up a big win in the playoffs and so for the rotation of the playoffs, I would honestly leave him off, but I am curious as to what you all think? Would you leave him on just on his ability alone, thinking that he can still come through, or do you believe his performance this year puts him out of the rotation for the playoffs?

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