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Nationals' Lineup: Asdrubal Cabrera hitting 7th, playing second, Aaron Barrett optioned to Triple-A

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The new Washington Nationals' infielder is playing second and hitting seventh tonight as the Nats take on the Philadelphia Phillies. The Nationals optioned Aaron Barrett to Triple-A to make room for Cabrera's addition to the roster...

Jonathan Ernst

The Washington Nationals called Blake Treinen up from Triple-A Syracuse yesterday to fill a spot on the roster after they traded Zach Walters to Cleveland in return for Asdrubal Cabrera.

Treinen, 26, is (1-3) with a 2.29 ERA, a 3.39 FIP, 11 walks (2.80 BB/9) and 20 Ks (5.09 K/9) in nine games, five starts and 35 ⅓ IP so far in the majors this season and (7-1) with a 3.09 ERA, a 3.37 FIP, 16 walks (2.25 BB/9) and 50 Ks (7.03 K/9) in 13 starts and 64 IP with the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs so far in 2014.

The safe assumption was that Treinen was up for a day to fill a roster spot and provide an extra bullpen arm if necessary, but when Cabrera was officially activated this afternoon, the Nationals announced that they were optioning Aaron Barrett to the Nats' top affiliate to make room for the new infielder:

Barrett, 26, is (3-0) with a 3.21 ERA, a 2.66 FIP, 18 walks (4.81 BB/9) and 43 Ks (11.50 K/9) in 40 games and 33 ⅔ with the Nationals, but he's struggled in recent outings with eight hits and nine runs, five earned (9.53 ERA) allowed in his last nine appearances and a .286/.355/.500 line against so far in 5 ⅔ IP so far in June.

Can it all be tied to the fact that he was forced to rework his delivery after umpire Joe West called the double-pump start to his delivery a balk? That's easy for narrative purposes... but there might be something to it as a few writers have noted this afternoon:

For now Blake Treinen will work out of the pen in the majors while Barrett sorts things out.

As for Asdrubal Cabrera, he's hitting seventh and playing second in the second game of three with the Phillies tonight.

Here's the Nationals' first post-Trade Deadline lineup: