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Nationals' Wednesday night lineup vs D-Backs: Anthony Rendon sitting? Williams explains...

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Washington Nationals' third baseman Anthony Rendon hasn't had a day off since June. He's sitting out tonight in the third game of four with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Kevin Frandsen's in at third tonight in Nats Park...

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Anthony Rendon has started 62-straight games for the Washington Nationals going back to June 10th. June 10th.

Over that stretch, the 24-year-old infielder has put up a .281/.336/.454 line with 20 doubles, two triples, seven home runs, 21 walks, 40 Ks and nine stolen bases.

The second-year major leaguer and 2011 Nats' 1st Round pick has played third base in the majority of those games, shifting back to second briefly when Ryan Zimmerman returned to the infield after playing left field and before he ended up on the DL again.

"I think for me the most important things is the amount of games our guys are playing. So, as an example, Anthony Rendon needs a day off..." -Matt Williams on concers w/ Nats going forward on MLB Network Radio

In the last 62 games since he sat one out, he's stayed pretty steady. Rendon had a .275/.331/.470 on June 10th and after a 2 for 4 game last night in the Nationals' 8-1 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, he has a .276/.332/.461 line.

So far in 18 games in August, including four extra inning affairs in which he played the entire games, Rendon has put up a .273/.309/.468 line with four doubles, a triple, three home runs, four walks and just seven Ks in his last 81 PAs.

Nationals' skipper Matt Williams was asked this morning, in an MLB Network Radio interview with Jim Memolo and Todd Hollandsworth on the show "First Pitch," if he had any concerns right now in spite of the fact that his team is rolling, having won eight straight, with walk-off wins in three of the last four?

"I think for me the most important things is the amount of games our guys are playing," Williams said. "So, as an example, Anthony Rendon needs a day off. Ian Desmond needs a day off. We don't have scheduled off-days coming any time soon. So, we're in one of those streaks where we're going to play a whole bunch of games in a row. The only off day we're going to have is after we play a game in Philadelphia and fly to Seattle. So that off day is going to kind of be blown anyway.

"So the biggest concern I've got right now is making sure that we can find days for these guys to have an off day and mentally get away from it for a day, because they've been playing a lot."

Today is apparently Rendon's day off.

The Nationals released their lineup for the third game of four with the D-Backs within the last hour and instead of Anthony Rendon at third base, Kevin Frandsen is making a start at the hot corner: