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Game 126 WPA: A win's a win. Nats 1, DBs 0

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Gio was sharp, so was the bullpen. The bats took a while to do anything, but a courteous error finally let us go home.

You guys are killin' me with these walkoffs.
You guys are killin' me with these walkoffs.
Win McNamee


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Much improved: Gio Gonzalez (+42.4%) throws 7scoreless innings with 6 Ks and 3 walks.
  • Today you're a goat: Adam LaRoche (-26.8%) is 0-3 with a walk, 2 GDPs, and 5 LOB.
  • Pretty good for an 8-hole guy: Denard Span (+12.9%) is 2-3 with a walk. a sac bunt, and a SB.
  • What, me worry? Matt Thornton (+10.1%) throws a scoreless aeyth for a shutdown, while Rafael Soriano (+12.8%) throws a scoreless 9th for a shutdown of his own.
  • Slop counts in baseball: Anthony Rendon (+28.9%) is 1-4 with a walk and a walkoff ROE (+30.9%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by rolling: