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Game 132 WPA: That didn't go well. Nats 4, FF 8

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But they scored four runs! Span got multiple hits and scored! MY NARRATIVE!!

Coulda used sum dingahz, nome sayin?
Coulda used sum dingahz, nome sayin?
Brian Garfinkel


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Not a stopper: Doug Fister (-38.5%) can't keep the ball down, giving up 5 runs in 5.2 IP with 3 Ks and a walk.
  • Early rally: Anthony Rendon (+3.7%) doubles in a run to put the Nats ahead in the 1st (+11.8%), and Ian Desmond (+11.5%) drives him in to extend the brief lead (+8.3%).
  • Another rally: Jayson Werth (+10.1%) hits a 3rd-inning, go-ahead, RBI single (+9.7%).
  • Stat padder: Denard Span (+20.5%) adds to his 3-4 night with a 5th-inning solo shot that looked gratuitous at the time (+12.2%).
  • Not so good: Ross Detwiler (-15.9%) doesn't have it tonight, giving up 3 ER and getting 4 outs in the 7th and 8th innings with 2 Ks and a walk for a meltdown.
  • Also not contributing: Adam LaRoche (-14.0%) is 0-4 with 3 LOB.