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Game 134 WPA: Strasbaton! Nats 3, Ms 1

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Embrace the hashbrowns. It's not random! It's a total cause and effect thing! Totally!

Let's do this thing.
Let's do this thing.
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Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Hothouse flower: Stephen Strasburg (+35.4%) is the hardiest of perennials tonight, throwing 7 2/3 innings of 1-run ball with 8 Ks and no walks.
  • WPA Diss: Jose Lobaton (+3.8%) gets no context-dependent credit for his 3-4 night with a run scored.
  • Full moon early: Jayson Werth (+14.9%) is 1-3 with a walk and a 1st-inning, two-run homer (+16.3%).
  • Insurance: Anthony Rendon (+3.0%) doubles in an extra run in the 3rd (+9.7%).
  • What, me worry? Rafael Soriano (+8.3%) gives up a pair of singles, but ends up throwing a scoreless 9th for a shutdown.