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Game 110 WPA: The Williams Way. Nats 3, Others 7

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It wasn't a bad start, but Roark hit the wall in the 7th, and I think Matty may have miscalculated in letting him hit in the 6th. Sure, it's easy to say now, but there you go.

"Taste it, bro!" (Not an actual quote.)
"Taste it, bro!" (Not an actual quote.)
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Maybe he should have stopped at six: Tanner Roark (-30.7%) gives up 2 ER over 6 IP, then only gets one out in the 7th, eventually getting charged for 5 ER total on 3 Ks and a walk.
  • ¡Vamos! Wilson Ramos (+10.4%)  is 2-4 with a second-inning solo shot for a brief lead (+12.0%).
  • Not clutch (if that existed): Ian Desmond (-9.5%) is 0-4 with 3 LOB.
  • Not pinch-hitting in the 6th: Steven Souza Jr. (n/a) did not appear in this game.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by unlikely combinations (part one):