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Nationals Injury Update: Steven Souza, Jr. leaves game after collision with wall in Atlanta (VIDEO)

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Washington Nationals' outfielder Steven Souza, Jr. charged full on into the right field wall in Turner Field tonight, doing everything he could to bring a Freddie Freeman blast back, but he came up empty, hit the wall hard and left the game a half inning later.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Just to add injury to insult, as the Atlanta Braves were once again knocking Washington Nationals' starter Stephen Strasburg around in Turner Field, Steven Souza, Jr. in his first start since being recalled, ran into the right field wall in Turner Field doing everything he could to try to bring a Freddie Freeman blast back into the field of play.

Souza, 25, couldn't reach the ball and he hit the wall/padded out-of-town scoreboard hard and bounced off, landing flat on his back on the warning track.

Somewhat miraculously considering how bad the collision looked, Souza stayed in the game for the rest of the second inning and lined out in at bat in the top of the third, but the outfielder didn't come back out to play the field in the bottom of the inning. Souza was spotted in the Naitonals' dugout in Atlanta after leaving the game, but there's no word yet on what happened to the right fielder.

Souza got the start tonight in the series opener with the Braves because Jayson Werth was beat up with a shoulder and ankle issues hobbling the veteran outfielder.

Souza was called back up by the Nationals recently after tearing up Triple-A pitching with the Nats' top minor league affiliate.

In 91 games and 386 plate appearances with the Syracuse Chiefs this season, the Nationals' '07 3rd Round pick put up a .354/.435/.601 line with 23 doubles, 18 HRs and 24 stolen bases between calls up to the majors. Souza made his MLB debut on April 13, 2014 and before tonight's game was 1 for 11 with a walk and four Ks in 12 PAs with the Nationals.

No update on his condition yet, but we'll update here after the game if Nats' skipper Matt Williams provides any information...