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Game 162 WPA: Another meaningless late-season win. Nats 1, Fish 0

We always used to joke about, "what does NN have to do to get a win? Throw a no hitter?" He showed us...

Mitchell Layton


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Phoning it in: Jordan Zimmermann (+71.1%) loafs his way through 9 scoreless on 10 Ks, no hits, and a walk. A WALK! GET IT TOGETHER, MAN!
  • Here's your run, make it stick: Ian Desmond (+8.8%) gives NN his run just like old times, blasting a solo shot in in the 2nd (+11.8%).
  • Eleven hits, one run: Wilson Ramos (-18.3%) is 0-3 with a K and a GDP, illustrating the way the Nats were trolling J-Zim at the plate today.
  • TWO HANDS!! Steven Sousa jr (+0.0%) comes in as a defensive replacement and makes a spectacular diving catch to rob a double, preserve NN's no-hit bid, and end the game. What a showboater!

Today's WPA brought to you by party time: