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Game 138 WPA: Ginger Density. Nats 8, LA 5

It's LaRoche's world, we just live in it. Still, I would have liked to see him pitch, too.

Density, baby!
Density, baby!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • He was in this one? Jordan Zimmermann (+0.0%) gives up 2 runs in 6.1 IP with 8 Ks and 2 walks. Then the game started.  Yes, according to WPA, NN had no impact.
  • Fast forward to the ninth: Bryce Harper (+24.0%) is 3-6 with a walk, including a single to lead off the 9th (+7.0%). Adam LaRoche (+83.4%) follows up with a game-tying, two-run bomb (+37.2%).
  • A few at-bats later: Denard Span (+16.7%) finally singles in the go-ahead run (+35.5%).
  • Oops: Rafael Soriano (-33.6%) gets tagged with a meltdown when Jayson Werth (+5.3%) drops what would have been the game-ending fly ball to let the game-tying run score and send the game to extras (-51.5%).
  • Battling: Craig Stammen (-20.8%) gets one out in the 10th, leaving the bases loaded to earn a meltdown. Xavier Cedeno (+17.5%) earns a shutdown by getting a swinging K for the second out, while Aaron Barrett (+14.8%) gets one for a swinging K to end the inning.
  • More excitement: Jerry Blevins (+11.5%) loads the bases with one out but escapes the 11th without letting in a run to earn a shutdown.
  • Late-inning defensive replacement: ALR hits a two-run, bases-loaded single to put the Nats ahead in the 12th (+22.8%).
  • Really? Tyler Clippard (-43.1%) gives up a two-run homer to send the game to the 13th (-49.3%).
  • He's baaaaack: Rochy beats out of the back end of a double play to score Ian Desmond (-10.7%) from 3rd and put the Nats ahead again in the 14th (+15.2%).
  • I was never worried: Blake Treinen (+14.5%) throws scoreless 13th and 14th innings to earn a shutdown and finally win the game.
  • Junk-timer: Asdrubal Cabrera (-0.6%) pads his stats with a meaningless two-run homer in the 14th with the game well in hand (+12.3%). Does this look like a team that needs insurance runs?