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Nats Nightly: Nationals sign Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg rumors, Nats' bench

During the season Dave Nichols from the District Sports Page, FBB's Doghouse and I talk Washington Nationals baseball on our podcast, Nats Nightly. During the winter, we get together when things like the Max Scherzer signing go down...

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I know, I know, this is so almost twenty-four hours ago. Since we recorded the latest edition of FBB's and the District Sports Page's Nats-themed podcast the Washington Nationals have announced a press conference to make a "major baseball announcement" and there have been rumors of the Nats' interest in a couple of free agent relievers.

Quick space-filling digression: We asked FBB's followers on Twitter what they thought the Nationals "major baseball announcement" would be this afternoon.

Check out their answers here since I don't want to publish a bunch of people's Tweets without their permission...

And while you're waiting for a quick rumor round-up of all the latest news on the Nats' possible bullpen targets, why not give a listen to Nats Nightly with FBB and Dave Nichols from the District Sports Page as we discuss the news on Max Scherzer signing for 7-years/$210M, that rumor about the Nationals potentially trading Stephen Strasburg, Jayson Werth's injury and what the Nationals will do with left field if he misses more time than expected, who's the backup closer now and who's the backup first baseman?

In case you're not familiar with the show, for the past season and a half (we started in 2013), Dave and I and often FBB's Doghouse, joined by guests like Tom Bridge from the District Sports PageJoe Drugan from The Nats Blog and others, discuss each day's game and all the relevant news in a 15-20 minute podcast on Blog Talk Radio. You can also find the complete archive for the show on iTunes by searching for Nats Nightly.

Here's the audio from last night's show:

Check Out Baseball Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with District Sports Page and FBB's Nats Nightly on BlogTalkRadio