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Game 162 WPA: Exeunt, hustling. Nats lose, strand Harper in scoring position after hustle double to end season in fitting microcosm of season as a whole.

Roark showed us what we all believed in from prior seasons, Matty gave us one last platoon mismatch that hurt, and Harper beat out a throw and stayed on the bag.

See you next year, everybody.
See you next year, everybody.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Finally back in his comfortable place? Tanner Roark (+32.0%) throws six scoreless with 6 Ks and a walk, scattering 3 hits, and showing flashes of why we think he'll be fine on the back end next year.
  • More hope for the future: Sammy Solis (+7.8%) throws a scoreless 7th for a shutdown.
  • Deja vu all over again: Blake Treinen (-27.2%) melts down in the aeyth, giving up the go-behind solo shot with the platoon disadvantage (-32.5%).
  • Maybe ask Uggla for a LASIK referral before he's released: Anthony Rendon (-12.1%) and Jayson Werth (-16.6%) combine to go 0-8 with 5 Ks.
  • Your WPA offensive player of the game: Bryce Harper (+0.3%) is the sole position player to have positive WPA, going 1-4 with a two-out, 9th-inning double just ahead of the tag.

This evening's final WPA of the season brought to you by elegiac stylings from Helsinki, Finland: