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Wire Taps: Nationals calendar scandal; Nats' Spring Training home updates + more

Did you hear about the Washington Nationals calendar with the wrong park in the place where Nationals Park was supposed to be? It's hilarious! Not "Natinals"-level hilarity, but close. All the Nationals-related links we could find, all in one place...

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Not since Majestic forgot to put an "o" on a few Washington Nationals jerseys has there been a scandal this, um.... scandalous? That's right, someone discovered yesterday that a company hired to put together a baseball-themed calendar mistakenly put a picture of Fenway Park where Nationals Park should have been. Oh, Natinals! Amirite?

Of course the internet being what it is these days, a place where repurposing content has replaced most actual reporting, everyone rushed to put up their quick, pithy expose of the HUGE, natinal embarrassment!!!

[ed. note - "Yes we do recognize we're mocking repurposing content in a post that does nothing but that on a daily basis, but as Walt Whitman once said, 'Do I contradict myself, very well then, I contradict myself...'"]

Can you believe it, I mean, someone put the wrong picture in the wrong place! They messed up! Ah-ha-ha-ha!

Major League Baseball released a statement, as quoted by the Washington Post:

"Our licensee used an incorrect photo in its 2016 Nationals calendar, a product that the Nationals were not involved in producing. We are working quickly to rectify the situation including recalling the calendars from retail."

It wasn't the Nationals fault, see. Of course, no one saw Majestic's mea culpa either.

It was too late, however, the word was out there...

Even NPR got in on the act:

• "For Washington baseball fans, the next season brings a new manager and a new calendar." - "Wrong Ball Park Adorns Cover Of Washington Nationals' Calendar" - NPR

This is truly embarrasing. We're not going to be able to wear our Walgreen's logo adorned Natinals cap in public for quite some time. Here are some links. We feel sick.

NATS BEAT: Bryce Harper award season continues

• "Perception of Bryce Harper varies, his reputation fluid, alternating between spoiled child and misunderstood depending on your proximity to South Capitol Street." - "Players vote Bryce Harper National League’s most outstanding player" - Chelsea Janes, The Washington Post

• "Harper, the only Washington nominee this season, is the first Nationals player to win NL Outstanding Player." - "Bryce Harper wins Players Choice honor" - Andrew Simon,

• "Harper's season, historic as it was, wasn't quite enough to earn him MLB Player of the Year honors." - "Peers vote Harper as NL Outstanding Player" - Mark Zuckerman, CSN Mid-Atlantic

• "Harper doesn’t need much help from Baker, but the relationship between he and the Nationals’ skipper is an important one. Matt Williams saw both the positives and negatives of that." - "Baker excited and well-equipped to manage Bryce Harper" - Chase Hughes, Nats Insider

Spring Training facility updates:

• "On Monday, the Nationals and Astros took a major — albeit ceremonial — step toward a new spring training site that will make their stay far more convenient." - "Nationals, Astros break ground on new spring training facility" - James Wagner, The Washington Post

• "Like a lot of the new generation of spring complexes, this one will have an open layout, making virtually all the training areas accessible to fans." - "Astros-Nationals to share Spring Training home" - Richard Justice,

• "Despite all that work, Nationals officials have been confident all along the complex will be ready to open in 2017, leaving the club to spend only one more spring in Viera." - "Groundbreaking ceremony in West Palm Beach" - Mark Zuckerman, Nats Insider

• "The Nationals' Spring Training home has been in Viera since 2003, when the team was still the Montreal Expos, but the Nats currently aren't close to any other teams and have long been in need of a facilities upgrade." - "Astros, Nationals sharing Spring Training site" - Brian McTaggart,

• "Manfred and the Nationals and Astros officials used spades fitted with baseball bat handles to turn over the first ceremonial shovels of dirt for the new facility..." - "Nationals Buzz: Lerner, Rizzo among Nats reps present for groundbreaking at new spring complex" - Pete Kerzel,

Non-Harper; Non-Spring Training Nationals stories:

• "'We are intent on making sure that the agreement that gets the Nationals a fair market value for their TV rights is enforced, and we’ll do whatever is necessary to get that.'" - Rob Manfred -"Rob Manfred on judge tossing out MLB ruling in MASN case" - James Wagner, The Washington Post

• "Catcher Spencer Kieboom is hitting .281 through 10 games. His on-base percentage is good at .395 with six walks and seven strikeouts." - "Kieboom, Bautista, Simms and Bacus shining in winter play" - Byron Kerr,

• "Depending on how much money the ownership is willing to commit to the upcoming year, that could allow the front office flexibility to add several pieces across the roster." - "Priorities for the Nationals during hot stove season" - Noah Frank, WTOP

NATIONAL(S) BEAT: Zimmermann rumors; Strasburg to the Yankees? (please no!)

• "There’s a new manager now, in Dusty Baker. The injured stars will hit the reset button, and should return to health over the winter." - "Washington Nationals: Five burning offseason questions" - Joshua Sadlock, Baseball Essential

• "One player that could make sense for Miller is Nationals star Stephen Strasburg, who might be hard for Washington to extend. That is speculative; it isn't known if Miller's name has come up with Washington." - "Yankees GM Cashman willing to listen to offers for closer Andrew Miller" - Jon Heyman,

• "Most industry insiders are betting Price will command a contract similar to the seven-year, $210 million deal that Max Scherzer signed with the Washington Nationals last year, with Greinke, Cueto and Zimmermann not far behind." - "Sox trade talks already heating up" - Scott Lauber, Boston Herald

• "Here's another thing about Zimmermann. Look at his baseball-reference page. Check out who his most-similar player is by similarity score." - "The Cubs And Jordan Zimmermann, Free Agent" - Al Yellon, Bleed Cubbie Blue

NL EAST UPDATES: Ozuna available? Tommy Hansen; Sandy Alderson surgery

Mets: "Their leader is absent, but the Mets still plan to be active this week at the General Managers’ meetings." - "Mets without Sandy Alderson, outline ‘creative’ offseason plan" - Mike Puma, New York Post

Braves: "A Braves representative confirmed that some of Hanson's former teammates were near Hanson when he passed away at Atlanta's Piedmont Hospital late Monday night." - "Tommy Hanson passes away at 29" - Mark Bowman,

Phillies: "Someone like free agent Jordan Zimmermann would stabilize the staff and still be around when the team contends." - "Phillies should pursue big-name pitcher" - Ryan Lawrence, Philadelphia Daily News

Marlins: "The subject of trade speculation since July, Ozuna promises to attract plenty of attention, but Miami doesn't have any urgency to move one of its most coveted assets." - "Marlins not rushing to trade Marcell Ozuna" - Joe Frisaro,