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SB Nation MLB Awards 2015: Vote for MLB Hitter of the Year

Was Bryce Harper the best hitter in the majors in 2015? I have a feeling he's going to win the voting here, but we're going to have a poll anyway, so you Washington Nationals fans can nominate MLB's best hitter for the SB Nation's MLB Award.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper is a finalist for National League MVP after leading the NL in OBP (.460), SLG (.649), ISO (.319), runs scored (118), wOBA (.461), wRC+ (198) and fWAR (9.5).

Washington's 2010 no.1 overall pick also finished tied for first in the NL in home runs (42) and was second in walks (124) and AVG (.330), losing out to Miami Marlins' infielder Dee Gordon for the batting title on the final day of the regular season.

How did Harper do overall in the majors?

He finished first in OBP, SLG,  ISO, wOBA, wRC+ and fWAR, finished second among qualified major league hitters in runs scored, and walks, was tied for third in home runs and came in third overall in batting average.

The Nationals' 23-year-old slugger has been piling up postseason awards, having already won a Silver Slugger Award, given to the best offensive player at each position, the Hank Aaron Award, awarded every year since 1999 to the the most outstanding offensive performer in each league as voted on by fans and a panel of Hall of Fame Players and he's won the NL Outstanding Player Award at the Players Choice Awards.

Was Bryce Harper the best hitter in the majors in 2015?

Was it Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays (.297/.371/.568, 41 HR, 122 R, .398 wOBA, 154 wRC+, 8.7 fWAR)?

How about the LA Angels' Mike Trout (.299/.402/.590, 41 HR, 104 R, .415 wOBA, 172 wRC+, 9.0 fWAR)?

Or maybe you're a fan of the Arizona D-Backs' Paul Goldschmidt (.321/.435/.570, 33 HR, 103 R, .418 wOBA, 164 wRC+, 7.4 fWAR)?

Can a case be made for Cincinnati Reds' first baseman Joey Votto (.314/.459/.541, 29 HR, 95 R, .427 wOBA, 172 wRC+, 7.4 fWAR)?

Should anyone else be under consideration, like say MLB home run leader Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles, who hit 47 home runs? Or maybe the Seattle Mariners' Nelson Cruz (.302/.369/.566, 44 HRs)?

We're providing the nominees for the first of the SB Nation's 2015 MLB Awards (VOTE in the Poll below!), but if we've left anyone off the list, feel free nominate other candidates in the comments below.

Just write Nomination: [Player Name] in the subject line in the comments below and if someone we've left out picks up traction (Gets a lot of recs) we can add them to the poll.

All SB Nation baseball sites will be voting on the awards listed below and then the good folks at SBNation/MLB dot com will be picking the winners (because they're special I guess).

Here are the categories for this year's version of the SB Nation's 2015 MLB Awards with dates for the voting:

  1. Mon, Nov. 16: Hitter of the Year (all of MLB)
  2. Tues, Nov. 17: Pitcher of the Year (all of MLB)
  3. Weds, Nov. 18: Defensive Play of the Year (Nationals)
  4. Thurs, Nov. 19: Bat flip/Celebration of the Year (Nationals)
  5. Fri, Nov 20: Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules (All of MLB)

[ed. note - "Once you've voted for 2015's Hitter of the Year below, your work is not done! What we need next are the nominees for the SB Nation's 2015 Pitcher of the Year so we can add those names to the poll for tomorrow's voting. This way it's not just 1-2 people behind the scenes here at FBB deciding the nominees. Use the same approach suggested above (Nomination: [Pitcher's name]), and the pitchers who get the most nomination/recs will be added to tomorrow's post so we can go on with the voting and then nominate the candidates for "Defensive Play of the Year" and so on throughout the week. But first things first, who was the Hitter of the Year in Major League Baseball in 2015?"]