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SB Nation MLB Awards 2015: Vote for Defensive Play of the Year

Over the last two days we voted on the Best Hitter and Pitcher of the Year for the SB Nation MLB Awards for 2015. Today it's a totally Washington Nationals-centric category as we pick the Defensive Play of the Year by a Nats' defender.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The While the previous two SB Nation MLB Awards were league-wide selections for the Best Hitter (It's totally Bryce Harper) and Pitcher of the Year (Jake Arrieta's beating Zack Greinke, boo!), today's voting is completely Washington Nationals-centric.

Which National made the Defensive Play of the Year? We asked and over the last twenty-four hours a number of people made suggestions to add to our list of the Defensive Play(s) of the Year by a Nationals' defender.

How are you going to pick the top play? Degree of difficulty? Does context matter? Is saving a no-hit bid like Danny Espinosa did in one of the plays nominated more impressive than a diving play on a bunt earlier in the season?

As with the previous awards, we're willing to add to the list of nominations. Adding plays to the poll is simple for us, so feel free to nominate other plays that aren't included below.

Unlike last season when Steven Souza's no-hitter saving catch was a clear favorite, there's no clear-cut winner this time around.

Who made the Defensive Play of the Year for the Nationals this season? Here are the nominees:

Tyler Moore's diving catch and almost double play:

Ryan Zimmerman dives for bunt:

Ian Desmond's strong throw to beat Jon Jay:

Danny Espinosa saves Max Scherzer's perfect game/no-hit bid:

Ian Desmond's diving stop/strong throw:

Felipe Rivero covers first for 3-4-1 putout:

Michael Taylor diving catch vs the Cubs:

Here are the rest of the awards and dates for the voting this week:

  1. Mon, Nov. 16: Hitter of the Year (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
  2. Tues, Nov. 17: Pitcher of the Year (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
  3. Weds, Nov. 18: Defensive Play of the Year (Nationals)
  4. Thurs, Nov. 19: Bat flip/Celebration of the Year (Nationals)
  5. Fri, Nov 20: Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules (All of MLB)

[ed. note - "Once you've voted for 2015's Defensive Play of the Year below, there's still more work for you! Up next is the voting for the Nationals' Bat Flip/Celebration of the Year. Once again, we need nominees so we can add those bat flips/celebrations to the poll for tomorrow's voting. This way it's not just our writers and editors behind the scenes here at FBB deciding the nominees. To nominate a bat flip/celebration, just post a comment below with (Nomination: [Player name]), and the bat flip/celebration to get the most nomination/recs will be added to tomorrow's poll so we can vote as a site and pick the Bat Flip/Celebration of the Year. But right now it's time to vote for the Defensive Play of the Year by a National in 2015?"]