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SB Nation 2015 MLB Awards: Vote for Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules

It's time to vote for the last of this year's SB Nation MLB Awards. Today we vote on the "Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules", though we're still not quite sure what that means or how "best" is defined in this instance... We're confused.

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

"Breakage" is defined as "the action of breaking something, or the fact of being broken," and unwritten rules are, well, unwritten and thus can't be reproduced here for your perusal, but the Atlanta Braves will let us know if we break any of them. Thanks, Barves. It's time to vote for the final SB Nation MLB Award for 2015. But first, we'd just like to state for the record -- [ed. note - "Someone is keeping a record, right?"] that we had nothing to do with the creation or wording of this final award and before today [ed. note - "Or yesterday really. Or, okay, a couple weeks back when we were first emailed the categories for this year's awards."] have never used the word "breakage" and would never have used it if not forced to here today. But anyway, let's move on to the nominees for the Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules... [ed. note - "Though we, ummm... really don't even know what that means, and think it's cynically really just an excuse for people to promote NL MVP Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon's dugout altercation again in some way while claiming that it's 'the best' example of something."]

Without further ado, [ed. note - "We're stalling because we still don't know what our overlords are really looking for with this one."] here are the nominees for the "Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules" from the 2015 campaign:

[ed. note - "We previously, mistakenly, thought it was limited to the Nationals only, or to each individual site's team, but it's an MLB-wide vote, so have at it. And we 'corrected the record' so there's no evidence we ever made the mistake mentioned above."]

"Bryce Harper totally should have run harder on that pop-up, so I'll choke him!" is not a correct application of baseball's unwritten rules, Jonathan:

Jose Tabata leans in and ruins a perfect game:

A's Brett Lawrie vs the Royals:

Jose Bautista's bat flip of all bat flips:

Seager vs Weaver:

Someone please help us and promote more nominees for the "Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules" that we can add to this poll! Please?

Here are the rest of the awards, voting is still open for all the previous categories, so get your vote in now if you haven't!:

  1. Mon, Nov. 16: Hitter of the Year (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
  2. Tues, Nov. 17: Pitcher of the Year (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
  3. Weds, Nov. 18: Defensive Play of the Year (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
  4. Thurs, Nov. 19: Bat flip/Celebration of the Year (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
  5. Fri, Nov 20: Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules

[ed. note - "Once you've voted for 2015's Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules below, your work week here at FBB is done! Up next is... well there's nothing else. This is the last SB Nation MLB Award for 2015. Winners will be announced at some point next week through some secret process we're not privy to for reasons we don't quite understand. We do need your help though. Can you please nominate a "breakage?" In order to do so, just post a comment below with (Nomination: [Breakage]), and the unwritten rule breakage to get the most nomination/recs will be added to today's poll so we can vote as a site and pick the Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules of the Year."]