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Thanking the Washington Nationals on Thanksgiving and thanking all of you!

What are you thankful for as you look forward to the Washington Nationals' 2016 campaign? I can't believe no one ever thought about doing a post like this before...

Al Bello/Getty Images

I woke up this morning and had this totally unique idea. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, I thought I would come up with a couple of Washington Nationals-related things we should be thankful for as everyone prepares for 2016 and the bounce-back campaign we're all hoping for from them after a disappointing run in 2015.

I don't recall having seen it done before, and I thought it might be fun to put something totally new and exciting out there on the internet. A thanks-filled Thanksgiving post!

Before the fun and frivolity, however, we/I would like to thank everyone in the comment sections here at Federal Baseball, everyone that we interact with on the Twitter and all the people who comment on our stories through Facebook for talking Nats with us all year long.

We, as in I, are/am thankful for the contributions from everyone on the staff here at Federal Baseball as well.

Thanks to Jim Meyerriecks for his critical insight throughout the season.

Thanks to dc_Roach for helping to take our Facebook/social media game to another level.

Thanks to Garrett Hooe for making sense of the MASN legal issues and all his contributions.

Thanks to FBB's Doghouse for his work on a daily basis with the WPA graphs and musical accompani-uh-accompmim-uh --- the videos he regularly adds and the insight he provides on Nats Nightly.

Speaking of which, thanks again to Dave Nichols from the District Sports Page as well, co-host on Nats Nightly and frequent press box confrere over the years as we've covered the nation's capital's Nationals.

In addition to those thanks:

Thanks to Max Scherzer for a memorable first season in D.C. which included two no-hitters and the introduction of a kind of gross post-game celebration that's helping the Hershey company in these tough economic times.

Scherzer syrup

Thanks to Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond for... [tears up]... the two compensatory draft picks they'll bring and everything they did during their time in a Nationals uniform. Thanks for the memories.

[ed. note - "We're still not ready to accept their respective departures. Please don't sign with the Mets, Ian."]

Thanks to the Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres for letting Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo get involved in last winter's trade talks and sending a member of the 2016 rotation and future everyday shortstop to Washington.

Thanks to anyone who still makes trades with Rizzo.

Thanks to Bryce Harper for all 42 of his home runs and his MVP-worthy campaign which showed the baseball world that apparently sometimes over-the-top hype is actually warranted.

Thanks to Stephen Strasburg for giving me the opportunity to write about his laser eyes... and the way he bounced back from his injury issues and reminded us how talented he really is...

Thanks to Ryan Zimmerman, Jayson Werth and Anthony Rendon for staying healthy throughout the 2016 campaign... #notajinx

Thanks to everyone who reads, shares, comments on or talks about our work and thanks to the Washington Nationals for giving us all something to talk about.