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Washington Nationals WinterFest 2015 - Day 2

This year Nationals WinterFest is a two-day event. Can you handle another six hours the Fest-ivities? More player interviews, more pics and quotes! Then it's a few months of not much till Spring Training? Sorry for being a bummer...

The first day of Nationals WinterFest went well. Fun was had by all, by all counts. We here at Federal Baseball got to talk to a parade of Washington Nationals. We filled up our iPhone with pics from the interviews, shared them on social media and tried our best to allow you to vicariously take part in the festivities as we experienced them in the media room in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

This year, it's a two-day event! You know what that means? Another day. More of the same. Different players. It all starts again at around 10:15-ish for us and we'll do what we can to share as much as possible.

There should be plenty of quotes from today's lineup of Nationals visiting with the local media.

We'll include our Twitter widget at the bottom of this post again as we did yesterday so that you can follow along and after around 4:00 PM this afternoon, we'll lock ourselves in the FBB bunker, transcribe everything that's left and start to produce content, content, content for as long as it lasts.

Are you going to #NatsWinterFest today? Here's some of what you missed on Saturday if you weren't following along:

Here's our Twitter feed so you can follow along with all the updates throughout the afternoon: