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Wire Taps: Nationals' first 2015 Draft pick is no.58, Truck Day stories + more

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The Washington Nationals don't pick until no.58 overall in this June's Draft since they signed a free agent, Max Scherzer, who turned down a qualifying offer from the Detroit Tigers. Yesterday was Truck Day. This is a link post. Links below...

Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo and Asst. GM Kris Kline talked to reporters after the 1st Round of the 2014 Draft.
Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo and Asst. GM Kris Kline talked to reporters after the 1st Round of the 2014 Draft.
Photo © and courtesy @Nationals on Twitter

With the San Diego Padres set to sign James Shields, the last of the twelve players to receive a qualifying offer this winter, the order for the 2015 MLB Draft is set.

Baseball America published the draft order and each MLB team's bonus pool this morning.

When the Washington Nationals signed Max Scherzer to a 7-year/$210M deal this winter, the Nats forfeited their 1st Round pick since Scherzer received a qualifying offer from Detroit, so the Nats' top pick in the 2015 Draft will now come at no.58.

By BA's estimation, the Nationals also have the lowest bonus pool in the Draft this year, with a total of $3,697,360 to spend on this year's picks.

Washington Post writer Chelsea Janes took a quick look at some of the previous 58th overall picks in the draft:

The Nationals forfeited their first round pick in 2013 as well, when they signed reliever Rafael Soriano to a free agent deal. That June, the Nats' top pick came at no. 68. They used that pick to select right-hander Jake Johansen out of Dallas Baptist University.

Last June, the Nationals second pick of the Draft was the 57th overall pick, which they used to select University of Miami lefty Andrew Suarez, who opted to return to the Hurricanes rather than signing on with the Nationals.

Moving on to the rest of the Nats-related news from the last 24 hrs... Yesterday was TRUCK DAY!!

Apparently, Screech did a lot of the heavy lifting. The folks in Space Coast Stadim are excited to have the Nationals on the way...

TRUCK DAY Stories:

• "The Nats' 2015 Spring Training ends Tuesday, April 4 with a game against the New York Yankees in Washington, DC." - "Nats Pack Up For Trip To Space Coast Stadium" - Space Coast Daily

• "At 9:30 a.m. Monday morning, a truck pulling a 53-foot trailer backed its way into the loading dock that sits outside the Nationals clubhouse at Nationals Park." - "Nats pack the truck for spring training" - Barry Svrluga, The Washington Post

• "The truck will leave D.C. late Monday and arrive in Viera on Wednesday morning, and the trip is a total of 869 miles." - "Nationals' equipment truck set to depart for Florida" - Bill Ladson,

NATS BEAT: SS Preview, Stammen preview

• "Not that the Nationals have lost any faith in Stammen. The question is: What will his role be in 2015?" - "Nationals roster preview: Craig Stammen" - Mark Zuckerman, Nats Insider

• "No player has been with the Nationals organization longer than Desmond, who was selected by the Expos in the third round of the 2004 draft." - "Nationals Pastime: Nats positional preview: Shortstop" - Chris Johnson,

NATIONALS LEGAL BEAT: Whose W is that? Who owns the W?

• "At issue: the letter W, and whether people who see it will confuse the block-style W in WalletHub's logo with the Washington Nationals' legacy W from Washington's former iteration as the Senators, or the Chicago Cubs' W..." - "Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs and D.C. financial firm fight over the letter W" - Mark Holan, Chicago Business Journal

• "Evolution Finance applied for a trademark to its W, which is white with a green background, in February 2012. That action prompted opposition from MLB on behalf of the Cubs and the Washington Nationals..." - "Startup's 'W' logo draws Cubs' ire—and startup founder fires back" - Danny Ecker, Crain's Chicago Business

NATIONAL(S) BEAT: FA Spending, ST Stadium news

• "The Nationals top the list having signed three players to contracts totalling $224.0 million, led by the 7-year, $210 million contract for starting pitcher Max Scherzer according to data collected from" - "CHART: The Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox have spent the most money on free agents" - Cork Gaines, Business Insider

• "According to projections, the stadium would generate about 600 new jobs and a yearly countywide economic impact of up to $170 million." - "West Palm Beach Mayor Vows Clean Water Will Come Before Baseball Complex" - Rick Stone, WLRN

• "When the Nats landed Max Scherzer, they were not following the typical free-agent trail, spending big to fill a need." - "Cubs, Nats, Padres rev up competition by landing aces" - Mike Bauman,

NL EAST UPDATES: Ozuna's game; Mets' spending; Braves in on Moncada?

Phillies: "It’s a rebuilding period for the Phillies, who fielded one of the oldest teams in baseball last year..." - "The Phillies Rotation: Two Southpaws, Then Just South" - Karl de Vries, FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Braves: "Though the Braves certainly have shown interest in Moncada, it seems safe to say they will be among the teams that will shy away from the stiff penalty that would accompany signing the five-tool Cuban infielder." - "Inbox: Are Braves seriously considering Moncada?" - Mark Bowman,

Marlins: "Ozuna manufactured his value from power and from his reasonable defense played in center field." - "2015 Marlins Key to Success: Marcell Ozuna" - Michael Jong, Fish Stripes

Mets: "New MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said he has no doubt that Mets ownership has the capacity to boost its payroll if it deems it worthwhile." - "New commish weighs in on Mets issues" - Adam Rubin, ESPN New York