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Washington Nationals' 2015 Travel Map via Baseball Savant

How far will the Washington Nationals travel in 2015?'s Daren Willman posted an interactive map today that illustrates just how far each Major League team will travel this season. The Nats are scheduled to travel a total of 25,013 miles.

Screencap of interactive travel map from
Screencap of interactive travel map from

According to's calculations, the Washington Nationals will travel a total of 25,013 miles in 2015 as they play out their road schedule.

The Nationals' 25K+ miles are the 19th highest total amongst MLB teams and 4th among NL East teams, with only the Philadelphia Phillies (24,794 miles) scheduled to do less traveling than the defending NL East champs.

The Atlanta Braves will travel a total of 26,208 miles according to

The New York Mets will travel a total of 30,289 miles and the Miami Marlins will log the most miles of the five NL East teams, with a projected total of 35,240 miles, the seventh highest total amongst MLB teams.

The road half of the Washington Nationals' schedule starts with a six-game trip to Philadelphia and Boston April 10-15th.

The Nats have a ten-game trip at the end of the first month of the season on which they travel to Miami, Atlanta and New York to take on their other NL East divisional rivals.

Washington Nationals - 2015 Travel Map:

Nats Travel Map 2015

The Nationals first trip out West takes place in the second week of May when they travel to Arizona and San Diego for three games with the D-Backs and a four-game set with the Padres.

A trip to Chicago and Cincinnati takes place at the end of May and the first interleague road series of the season is scheduled for June 9-10 when the Nats travel to NY to take on the Yankees in a two-game set.

The second trip to the West Coast takes place in mid-August when the Nationals play seven games on the left coast, three against the Dodgers in LA and four against the Giants in San Francisco before they travel to Denver for three with the Rockies in Colorado.

The Nats' 2015 schedule wraps up on the road as well, with a six-game road trip to Atlanta and New York, during which they're set to play three games each against the Braves and Mets.

Washington Nationals - 2015 Travel Map (Satellite):

Nats' 2015 Travel Map

Check out's interactive maps through the link below: