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Washington Nationals' Spring Training 2015 Photo Day: Which Nats have the best mugshots?

Who came out of Photo Day with the best mugshot? The Washington Nationals put forth a number of contenders, but which National came up with the best pic this year? Vote for your favorite in the poll below.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

It's as much an annual rite of Spring as blurry photos of pitchers on practice mounds, Vines of the first bullpen sessions and first live BP sessions, updates on winter beard and hair growth, ITBSOHL updates and other things that people talk about as Spring Training cliches that we can't think of to end this sentence. It's Photo Day!

The day the photographers grab pictures of anyone and everyone they can, collecting mugshot-ish photos of all of your favorite players.

So who won Photo Day for the Washington Nationals this time around?

We picked out out Top 10 Photo Day pics (in no particular order) and figured we'd put up a poll so that you can pick a winner...

10. Denard Span has $9M reasons to smile after the Nationals picked up his option for 2015:

Nationals Photo Day 9

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

9. Mike Carp is battling for a spot on the Nats' bench, and he's got the beard for the job:

Nationals Photo Day 10

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

8. Danny Espinosa's stache puts Yosemite Sam's to shame:

Nationals Photo Day 8

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

7. Max Scherzer is one happy man. Note - Heterochromia: a difference in coloration in two anatomical structures or two parts of the same structure which are normally alike in color:

Nationals Photo Day 7

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

6. Doug Fister plays it all cool and aloof and "I don't need to look 'at' the camera":

Nationals Photo Day 6

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

5. Jordan Zimmermann is very serious... like a Peek Frean?:

Nationals Photo Day 5

Photo © Bradd Barr/USA TODAY Sports

4. Thinks baseball is boring. Yawns during games. Can really, seriously hit. He's got the sort-of smirk down. Anthony Rendon:

Nationals Photo Day 1

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

3. Jerry Blevins looks like he can't help but laugh at every moment:

Nationals Photo Day 4

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

2. Who snuck this young teenager with the over-sized cap into the Photo Day pics?:

Nationals Photo Day 3

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

1. Werth stares right through your soul:

Nationals Photo Day 2

Photo © Brad Barr/USA TODAY Sports

So who has your favorite Photo Day pic? Vote in the poll below...