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FBB FanPost section: A place for Washington Nationals fans to share opinions

Are you a fan of the Washington Nationals? Are you looking for a place outside the comment section to share your thoughts? Try the FanPosts! Share your thoughts, and we'll share your work and promote it on our front page...

H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

In order to better promote Federal Baseball's FanPost section and further encourage people who visit FBB, new and old, to share their opinions, we've added a FanPost section/group to the front page of FBB.

It's right there below the Top 5 Stories of the day, look:

FBB FanPosts

I'll do my best to keep it updated and collect the top stories in terms of comments and recs with an eye for quality.

Then they'll stay there all season, the top four stories on the front page and the rest of them in the group. They'll stay right there on the front page along with the groups for daily Nats Game Recaps and MLB news and hopefully this will allow us to better promote your work and foster discussion.

HEY READ THIS: We are also looking to add several writers to our staff, but we figured we'd wait until beginning of Grapefruit League games to post this so everyone's excited and ready to talk Nationals and share their opinions.

At the moment, these are of course unpaid positions we're looking to fill (Hey, Nats' minor league writers, we want you! And you statheads too!!), though there is a possibility of future payment. If you're interested, contact us through the email addy HERE.

[ed. note - "Full disclosure: The site receives (really 'I receive' at this point since others on staff have declined) a stipend every month for our work, (I'll not say how much for fear of more anger than this paragraph will likely generate itself being visited upon me), but not enough right now (in my humble opinion, which could be wrong) to pay a full staff of writers what I think is a reasonable sum for the amount of work required, or make it worthwhile for us to continue doing what we do."]

While we're hoping most of the writers who have written in the past will come back (and Garrett, Jim and Doghouse have already said they will) there's always room for more voices here at FBB. If you've ever reached out to us about writing here, you'll know writing in the FanPosts is what we recommend so that you can get used to the story editor and we can get a good idea of your voice and how you interact with the community.

Please try to avoid any copyright violations (Don't steal content/images) and try to avoid any use of offensive/foul language and, of course, any racist, homophobic, misogynistic or political content (worst of all!!) and try your best not to make jokes about writers living in their parents' basement or having Cheetos/Doritos dust on their keyboard. Seriously, those jokes were super-funny 20 years ago. And it's just a preference, but using FanPosts for the whole "This writer stinks! Here's why he's an idjit!" approach is not our favorite, but that's not a rule or anything...

Other than that, have fun, have opinions, back up your arguments and share your thoughts and we'll do our best to promote your work.