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Game 7 WPA: Sloppy baseball is not winning baseball. Nats 4, BOS 9

When I pointed out how successful league-average offense can be, I forget to remind the Nats that it won't work with below-replacement-level defense.

Some days the bar eats YOU.
Some days the bar eats YOU.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

150413-7 WPA

Via Fangraphs. (What do these graphs mean?)

  • Remember, it's a walk year: Jordan Zimmermann (-35.3%) only makes it through 2.1 IP with a walk, no Ks, 2 HBP, and a total of 7 "earned" runs, thanks to some clowny defense behind him that did not technically qualify as erroneous.
  • Your WPA leader: Yunel Escobar (+2.1%) went 1-4 with a first-inning single. All the WPA was pretty much gone by the end of the third, so...
  • Unhelpful outfield: In addition to their not-even-replacement-level defensive antics that WPA ends up hanging on the pitcher, Michael Taylor (-4.2%), Bryce Harper (-2.8%), and Jayson Werth (-4.0%) combined to go 0-11 with 4 Ks at the plate.

Today's WPA brought to you by the circus (low budget edition):