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Game 14 WPA: ¡Mas Escobar! Nats 2, SCA 1

Gio wandered in and out of jams unscathed all evening, while Desmond flashed the leather, the Dannies showed patience, Drew was a little melty, and Escobar showed that he has more to give.

Gio actually had more WPA than him, you know.
Gio actually had more WPA than him, you know.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

150422-14 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Escape artist: Gio Gonzalez (+34.8%) somehow gives up no runs in 6 IP despite 4 walks, only 4 Ks, and 8 hits allowed!
  • Scrappy: Bryce Harper (+5.7%) bounces a seeing-eye single through the 5.5 hole to drive in a go-ahead run in the third (+11.7%).
  • Shutdown: Tanner Roark (+9.1%) and Matt Thornton (+11.2%) both earn shutdowns with scoreless 7th and aeyth innings, respectively.
  • Meltdown: Drew Storen (-22.8%) lets in the game tying run in the 9th after a pair of wild pitches to put it on third.
  • Lucky or good? Denard Span (+13.9%) caps his 2-5 night by reaching on error to load the bases in the 9th (+13.0%). Ian Desmond (-20.9%) promptly strikes out (-17.5%), while Jayson Werth (-16.0%) gets robbed of a hit to end the inning (-15.2%).
  • Solid: Aaron Barrett (+12.4%) keeps it tied in the 10th for a shutdown.
  • More to give: Yunel Escobar (+31.3%) atones for GDPing with runners corners in the 6th (-10.5%) by clubbing a no-doubter into the visiting bullpen for a walkoff in the 10th (+46.9%)

Tonight's WPA brought to you by WAKE UP AND DANCE: