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Game 20 WPA: Same bad recipe, same bad result. Nats lose 4-8.

Fister didn't pitch well. The Nats didn't hit or defend well. The game didn't end well.

2014 Fister (not shown here) was awesome!
2014 Fister (not shown here) was awesome!
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

140427-19 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Dude, keep the ball DOWN: Doug Fister (-26.5%) gives up 5 runs in 5.2 innings with 3 Ks, 2 BBs, and 10 hits. Try to keep it on the ground, man!
  • Brief early hope: Ryan Zimmerman (+2.6%) doubles in a game-tying run with two out in the third (+13.1%).
  • Your offensive powerhouse: Danny Espinosa (+14.4%) is 2-3 with a walk and double.
  • Equal WPA, equally booed: Bryce Harper (+0.7%) is 0-2 with a pair of walks. Dan Uggla (+0.7%) is 1-2 with a two-run, little-league "home run" in the aeyth (+2.3%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by failure to launch: