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Game 3 WPA: Moar DOOOOM. Nats 3, Mets 6

Okay, so the game should still be tied, but this was a sloppy outing for the Nats. Stop chasing the high fastball! Also, who torqued off the BABIP gods?

Player of the game, amirite?
Player of the game, amirite?
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

1504080-003 WPA

Via Fangraphs. (What do these graphs mean?)

  • Bad BABIP and free passes is no way to go through life, son: Stephen Strasburg (-29.2%) gives up some legit hits but a fair number of flares and bloops to go with 3 walks and a HBP, giving up 6 runs (3 earned) over 5.1 IP with 5 Ks.
  • [Nats] offensive play of the day: Michael Taylor (-0.6%) doubles in a pair of two-out runs in the 7th to get the Nats within 4 (+2.9%).
  • Waking up: Ian Desmond (+6.5%) is today's WPA leader, going 2-3 with a walk and a pair of doubles. He didn't rob any pop-ups from Dan Uggla (-2.7%), either, who started a double-play in the first (+7.2%) and got no WPA love for a tough turn on a DP in the 7th (+0.2).
  • Meatless of the order: Bryce Harper (-6.1%) and Ryan Zimmerman (-5.0%) combine to go 0-8 with 4 Ks.

Today's WPA brought to you by DOOOM (and a Vox organ):