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Game 37 WPA: Raining hits. Nats 10, Pads 0

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This game was more than a little bit overdetermined with a strong J-Zim outing, lights-out relief from Cole, and hit after hit after hit at the plate. Save some for the rest of the series, Nats!

Don't lie. You'd watch it, too.
Don't lie. You'd watch it, too.
Denis Poroy/Getty Images

150516-37 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • That's more like it: Jordan Zimmermann (+6.6%) gets less WPA than you'd think for six innings of shutout ball with 6 Ks and one walk.  The Nats scored quickly, and NN helped out with a double at the plate.
  • League leader: Bryce Harper (+9.3%) hits a bases-loaded, RBI single to get the Nats on the board (and drive in the winning run) with no one out in the first (+9.2%).
  • Keeping the line moving: Ryan Zimmerman (+8.2%) draws a bases-loaded walk to drive in the Nats' second run (+7.2%).
  • I can't stay mad at you: Wilson Ramos (-1.6%) is the WPA laggard this time around from his run-scoring, not-quite-rally-killing GDP in the first (-3.1%).
  • Are we ever getting out of the first inning? Ian Desmond (+8.9%) has a pair of RBI singles in the 1st and 3rd innings for the Nats' 4th and 5th runs, respectively.
  • Also meritorious: Jayson Werth (+8.6%) is 1-1 with a bases-loading single and a DOOMy HBP near his previously-injured wrist.
  • Junk time: Harper hit a dinger in the 4th (+0.7%) because we all know what a stat-padder he is.
  • Somewhat more triumphant "second" debut: A.J. Cole (+0.0%) strikes out one and allows no runs over the last three innings, earning a statistically abominable save in spite of their not being enough WPA left for a shutdown.

Today's WPA brought to you by a better time in the rain: