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Nationals' Anthony Rendon Update: Still working towards return... slowly

Washington Nationals' infielder Anthony Rendon was spotted in D.C. today working out on the infield in Nationals Park, so Nats' skipper Matt Williams was asked for and provided an update on the 24-year-old, 2011 1st Round pick.

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Matt Williams talked about Anthony Rendon before yesterday's game against the New York Yankees and the 24-year-old infielder's name came up again this afternoon after he was spotted taking grounders and working out on the field in Nationals Park. Williams said yesterday that Rendon was past the original knee injury (MCL sprain) which landed him on the DL and strictly working back from the left oblique issue which cropped up as he rehabbed from the knee.

"Anthony's past the knee," Williams explained. "He's doing everything, was doing everything that he could do with regard to getting back to playing."

Rendon had been down in Florida recently working at the Nationals' facilities.

"He's throwing. He's running. He's going to hit in the cage and start that progression. It's early still." -Matt Williams on Anthony Rendon's current status

"He's doing baseball activities," Williams said. "We're looking at him coming up here to do some stuff while we're on the homestand. So, we'll know more about that after today. But yeah, he's in that progression and doing baseball activity."

"He's throwing," Williams said. "He's running. He's going to hit in the cage and start that progression. It's early still."

Williams provided further updates on Rendon today, though he didn't bite when he was asked where Rendon is going to play upon his return.

"Right now we're thinking about getting him as healthy as possible," he said. "So today he took some grounders and did some light swinging in the cage. All of his strengthening work, running of course, and light lifting as well. So, good day for him. Glad to have him back here and on the road to recovery."

As for the position issue?

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there," Williams said. "But he'll play some second, he'll play some third."

They're taking the process of his recovery slowly, the second-year manager explained, so they can avoid a setback with the oblique. Williams did, however, say that it's not exactly starting from scratch for Rendon like it is at the start of Spring Training.

"From the time that he was playing, I think that his legs are in decent shape," he said. "It's not like you're not playing all winter. But nonetheless, yeah, there's some 'start over' feel there."

The goal now it to get him to the point where he can start playing games and see where he's at. There's still no guess as to a timetable now though.

"Don't know," Williams said.

"Obliques are difficult because you just don't know. So, the objective is to make sure that he's fully ready to go, he has no pain doing anything, no issues doing anything and then we can look to games, but that timetable nobody really knows."