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Game 42 WPA: Close-run thing. Nats 2, FF 1

This might have been the most overdetermined game of the season, at least on paper. Somehow it turned into a pitching duel. I'm glad the Nats squeaked out a win!

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

150522-42 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Not sharp: Max Scherzer (+41.8%) looked flat today, so of course he only gave up 1 run in 8 IP with 6 Ks and a walk. That's right, I'm complaining about that performance.
  • Not in junk time: Bryce Harper (+6.9%) finally does something impactful as part of his 1-2 night with a walk and a two-strike solo shot flipped the other way into the LF flower boxes right in the corner to tie the game in the 2nd (+12.1%).
  • Shut up, H8RZ: Ian Desmond (+16.5%) is 1-3 with a walk(!) and a sixth-inning RBI double to put the Nats ahead (+19.9%).
  • The last positive-hitting-WPA Nat of the night: Yeah, it's Scherzer (+3.5%), who singles to lead off the 6th (+5.2%) and comes around to score the go-ahead run from first on Desi's double.
  • Interesting: Drew Storen (+14.7%) gives up a pair of BABIP-y hits to make the 9th more watchable, but allows no runs to earn a shutdown.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by DAMMIT, DANNY, I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD: