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Washington Nationals Series Preview Q&A: Nats vs Cubs for three in Wrigley

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The Washington Nationals are in Chicago for the next three days, playing the Cubs in Wrigley Field. The 26-18 Nats have won eight of their last ten. The 24-19 Cubs have won six of their last ten. Check out part of a series preview Q&A FBB's Jim Meyerriecks did below...

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Sam Fels contacted Federal Baseball this weekend about doing a quick Q&A as a preview before the start of the Washington Nationals' three-game series against the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field.

FBB's Jim Meyerriecks took the questions this time, talking about Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, Max Scherzer and more. We included two of the questions below and we'll post a link to the full conversation when we can...

Thanks to Sam for asking and to Jim for handling the latest series preview Q&A:

Sam Fels: So, that Bryce Harper seems to be a useful player. Just natural growth or has there been a change in his approach?

FBB's Jim Meyerriecks: I'd credit his performance this season to a little of both... plus the fact that he's been healthy so far. Harper missed more than 100 games due to injuries to his knee and a torn UCL in his thumb over the past two seasons. Even after he returned from the thumb injury last season, he didn't look like he was fully recovered for another month or so. The approach is probably the main thing, though. For the first month, we heard nothing from the Nats beat writers about how high his walk rate was getting. One of the byproducts of the rising walk rate is that when he does swing, he's laying off of the junk and getting better pitches to hit.

Sam Fels: While the Cubs were handing a truck of cash to Jon Lester, the Nats were doing so to Max Scherzer. Seems like that's working out well for everyone...

FBB's Jim Meyerricks: Scherzer's been outstanding. He's been everything the Nats were hoping he'd be this season and more. His 1.67 ERA is fourth in the majors. His 2.5 fWAR leads all big league starters. The best part is that he's not only been dominant on the field, but a leader in the clubhouse as well. We often expect for a free agent to have a little grace period before he fits in with the rest of the clubhouse, but Scherzer immediately stepped in as kind of the class clown. He's always into the game whether he's pitching or not. He's started the whole chocolate syrup celebration thing. The clubhouse seems to love him and the fans have immediately taken to him. Considering that he's going to earn $210 million and be a National for seven years, it's great to see him quickly become popular with the fanbase.

[ed. note - "Here's a link to the full Q&A and a screencap of the content since it's a subscription otherwise, though if you're into Chicago sports they put together a great magazine-style product."]:

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